Application Incoming (English language version)

Voluntary services are a special type of civic engagement

Voluntary services are a special type of civic engagement, usually limited to a 12-month period. Those who are interested can do their voluntary work caring for the elderly, in social organisations for youth welfare services or children aid services, or in the education sector. At the GRC, an incoming voluntary service can be carried out within the legally regulated and promoted voluntary services as one of the following: the voluntary social year (Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr - FSJ), the Federal Volunteers Service (Bundesfreiwilligendienst - BFD), the European Voluntary Service, or in the “weltwärts-Süd-Nord” programme.

Why should I volunteer with the German Red Cross?

Volunteering is rewarding. Interacting and working in a team teach communication and cooperation skills. New experiences are strengthened in seminars and new perspectives and knowledge can be put to the test directly in the field.

  • During a voluntary service with the German Red Cross:
  • You immediately experience what you can achieve with your involvement.
  • You acquire new skills as well as build on those you already have.
  • You improve your language skills.
  • You assume responsibility for other people.
  • You gain practical insights into different areas of application.
  • You improve your chances of getting an internship, university place or a job.
Requirements for participation

The requirements to participate in an incoming voluntary service vary depending on the respective funding programme; the general requirements are:

  • You are not from Germany
  • You have a residence permit in accordance with §18 of the Residence Act (work permit)
  • You can provide any police clearance certificate (from your country of origin)
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • You have a basic knowledge of the German language (e.g., language course before or after entry)
  • Third-country nationals must apply for a visa from their country of origin, which can be issued specifically for participation in a voluntary service in Germany. Third-country nationals are people who do not have citizenship of one of the members states of the European Union.
  • Participation in the respective mandatory educational programme
  • You are ready for an intercultural exchange
  • You are interested in social commitment

The cost of a voluntary service depends on the programme. For example, some programmes cover the cost of travel, others do not. Some programmes can provide accommodation, others cannot. You can inquire about the respective programme costs individually at our branches. Whatever programme you choose, you will receive pocket money while volunteering and will be insured by statutory compulsory insurance.

How can I apply?

You can apply for a voluntary role at the regional institutions of the GRC. The respective branches and their contact details are listed below.

Please note the entry restrictions currently in force due to the corona pandemic!

federal statebranchcontact details
Baden-WuerttembergDRK-Landesverband Baden-Württemberg e.V.Email: freiwilligendienst(at)drk-bw(dot)de
Baden-WuerttembergDRK-Kreisverband Aalen e.V.Contact person: Ms. Mona Rathgeb
Email: mona.rathgeb(at)drk-aalen(dot)de
Link to application form:
HesseDRK-Schwesternschaft Marburg e.V.Email: info(at)fsjmarburg(dot)de
Link to application form:
North Rhine-WestphaliaDRK-Kreisverband Köln e.V.Contact person: Mr. Tim Küver
Email: fsj19(at)drk-koeln(dot)de
Link to application form:
North Rhine-WestphaliaDRK-Kreisverband Münster e.V.Email: freiwilligendienste(at)DRK-muenster(dot)de
Website: www.freiwilligendienste(at)DRK-muenster(dot)de
Saxony-AnhaltDRK-Landesverband Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.
Betriebsteil Freiwilligendienste
Contact person: Ms. Katja Fischer / Ms. Nadine Stephan
Email: katja.fischer(at)sachsen-anhalt.drk(dot)de / nadine.stephan(at)sachsen-anhalt.drk(dot)de
Link to application form: